Science College in North University of China

              Set up in 2006, Science College in North University of China is formed on the original mathematics, physics and engineering mechanics majors and combined the applied chemistry and civil engineering majors (later set up chemistry and civil engineering department). From the beginning, our college has fully obeyed the school motto “Devote Knowledge into Practice”, college motto “Discriminate Clearly, Practice Earnestly” and the idea of “People-oriented” and devoted to cultivating high qualified students. Pleasure achievements have been made in basic teaching building, subject construction, scientific study, party’s construction and political awareness.

              Currently, there is 1 key built disciplines (applied mathematics), 9 undergraduate majors of information and computing science, mathematics and applied mathematics, physics, applied chemistry, engineering mechanics, civil engineering, statistics, applied physics and applied statistics, 3 first degree postgraduate majors of mathematics, physics and chemistry, engineering mechanism second degree authorization and architecture and civil engineering degree authorization. On the equipment term, there are 2 experimental demonstration centers of Shanxi Province level, 1 Shanxi Province virtual simulation teaching center, 1 opening computer center and 4 university model laboratories. As for the course term, there are 2 provincial undergraduate elaborate courses, 7 provincial postgraduate elaborate courses and 5 university elaborate courses. Enrolled students accounts 2404 of 2127 undergraduates and 277 postgraduates.

              Science College owns a strong teaching resource and scientific ability holding the teaching center, sticking to the teaching quality lifeline and forming a substantial scientific power for all the other subjects. There exists a large teaching community of 205 personnel: 12 doctoral supervisors, 61 master supervisors, 27 professors, 53 associate professors, 1 physical foreign teacher, 10 provincial masters, 36 university masters, 5 winners of the State Council Special Subsidy, 1 member of the New Century Talents of Ministry of Education, 2 winners of Huo Yingdong excellent youth teacher award, 1 winner of national excellent teacher award, 1 winner of Shanxi Province outstanding innovation talent, 4 members of Shanxi Province “one hundred talents plan”, 11 provincial popular teachers, 51 popular teachers of NUC, 2 Shanxi Province excellent technology workers, 3 winners of Shanxi Province youth technology award, 4 members of Shanxi Province “33 talents project of new century academic and technology leaders”, 5 Shanxi Province high level experts, 4 academic leading youth in Shanxi Province, 1 member of Basic Mechanics Guiding Teaching Council in Ministry of Education, 12 editors of academic journals, 3 subject evaluation experts in Ministry of Education and Academic Degrees Committee of Shanxi Province. Bio-mathematics affiliation of Mathematics Association in Shanxi Province subordinates to our college. In the latest years, our college has achieved a series of characterized and influential results. Typically speaking, they are: 2 nominee awards of Ministry of Education National Prize for Progress in Science; 8 awards of Shanxi Province Prize for Progress in Science (one of them ranked first place); 35 projects from National Natural Foundation, 1 Nation 973 Program, 2 international programs of Science and Technology Ministry and more than 100 provincial or ministry level projects. Published theses accumulates more than 2500 pieces in which more than 360 pieces are collected in SCI. Academic monograph are published of 18. Besides, there are also 26 national invention patents.

              Relying on the subjects, scientific researches, teaching communities, fine teaching resource construction and creative students training programs, the science college has evolved into a senior talents training system from undergraduate to doctoral degree. Teaching feature of this college is emphasizing the combination of mathematical and physical knowledge and comprehensive qualities, initiating serious and creative study atmosphere and stressing theories and practice alongside together. With a deeper implement of “long-term tutor system” and “scientific tutor system”, the employment rate of our college has gradually risen and made a new height in 2014. The postgraduate rate has maintained the first place for three years. Besides, there are 7 high level planned textbooks published by our college in which 1 the Twelve Five-year Plan national planned book and 1 MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) the Twelve Five-year Plan planned textbook. We also won 19 excellent teaching achievements awards in succession. The college lays more attention on the qualities’ improvements of talents training. For four years students in science college has successfully declared 7 provincial college students innovation and business training projects. In the mathematical modeling competition, there are 68 provincial winners, 36 national winners, 15 global winners and one first place in 2007. In the Zhou Peiyuan mechanics competition, there are 65 provincial awards and 45 national awards.

              In the future, under the spirit of the Eighteenth Party Congresses, the Science College will firmly stick to the “develop by law, improve by qualities, flourish with talents” policy, gather all teachers’ and students’ intelligence and excellence and fight for an up-minded, honesty, harmony and research-oriented college.